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Hi! It’s so nice to meet you

My name is Laura, I’m a Mexican nutritionist who loves animals and hates diets. More on why I hate diets later. I have a background in marketing, psychology, and a Masters degree in nutrition for wellness. I’m so happy to have you here!

I decided to pursue my graduate degree in nutrition after working for a yoga company for a couple of years and discovering that any events or reading I did that related to food and health were always my favorite. I found a university that had a more holistic approach than the traditional clinical approach of “you got sick, now stop eating this.” And spent more time researching and applying how food can actually help us prevent and manage issues with our health: “eat this so you don’t get sick.” Using our daily food choices as preventative measures for our health is very powerful.

I was born and raised in México, so I’ll be happy to help you in Spanish and discuss how our traditional Mexican recipes can be part of a healthy lifestyle. My academic career took me from California to Boston and back to California, so I can definitely also help you in English.

I am so excited to meet you and I’m looking forward to talking! You can always reach me through the Contact Us page, and please join my newsletter so I can send you news and updates.

Talk soon!

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