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Friends at the Beach

My 3-Month Nutrition for Self-Care System

In our three months working together you will learn my system for Nutrition for Self-Care so you can start feeling better and never have to go on a diet again! This system includes weekly individual calls with me, a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Nutritionist with a Masters of Science in Nutrition for Wellness. 

Who is this for?

If you are tired of nutrition advice that uses fear-mongering, guilt, and shame as a motivational tool, this is for you. Here we're focused on nutrition practices that are that: a practice.


We focus on progress, not perfection. And I don't do guilt and shame as a motivator because I know it doesn't work! I tried it on myself for many years and it would only result in short-term changes.


In order to create lasting changes we need to build habits that are actually sustainable for your specific life circumstances. This system is for you if you're ready to prioritize your self-care through nutrition science, Intuitive Eating, and never diet again. 

Have more questions?

Book your free discovery call with me and let's find out if this is a good fit!

What's included in the Nutrition for Self-Care System?

$1,500 value for only $999*

*Monthly payment plans available

1 / The Deep Dive

Our first session is a one-hour deep dive session where we identify your wellness definition and objectives. I may spend a lot of time learning and working with nutrition, but you're the one that is the expert on your body and your wellness, so we combine our knowledge to start designing your unique Nutrition for Self-Care System.

2 / The Follow Ups

A 30-minute follow up video call every week. That's 11 individual calls! In these calls we start adding tools to your System. Some of the tools that may apply to you include Intuitive Eating, non-diet nutrition science for health and wellness, nutrition analysis, self-compassion, goal-setting, and habit-building. Through these sessions we'll test different habits and tools. This trial-and-error, troubleshooting, support, and accountability process is key for creating the habits that will work for your individual life.

3 / The Recap

An emailed summary of each of your sessions with notes on your progress, tools we are working on, and any homework assignments that may apply. 

4 / The Pocket Nutritionist

Unlimited email support throughout the process to guide you and answer any questions. 

5 / The Extras

Extra resources. Curated handouts, worksheets, journaling prompts, and more

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How many individual sessions are included in the 3-month Nutrition for Self-Care System?

Twelve total sessions. The first session is one-hour long, and the ones after that are 30-minutes long

Who are the sessions with? 

All the sessions are directly with Laura Zea, MS (that's me, hi!)

How are you qualified to help me with this?

I'm a nutritionist with a masters degree and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor so I have the professional and academic tools to work with you on this. In addition to that I have been through this process myself. I had to un-learrn my associations of health with certain body sizes and learn about what diet culture is, its origins and its harms. For around 15 years I tried all the diets I could and learned in my own body that they are harmful to your health.

What if I can't make one of the weekly sessions?

That's ok! Your sessions will be valid for six months, so if you need to skip a week (or a couple) that's no problem at all. 

When are the weekly sessions, will this work with my schedule?

Since the sessions are individual we work out the scheduling between you and I to find days and times that work for you. 

How are the sessions scheduled?

Once you buy the Nutrition for Self-Care System you'll be credited with 12 sessions on your account and you'll be able to book them directly on my website. Bookings close one week in advance, and I ask for 48 hours notice if you ever need to cancel or reschedule. If you have any issues you can email me and we'll figure it out. 

Will you teach me about Intuitive Eating?

Yes! I'm a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. Intuitive Eating is a really cool tool to help us with nutrition for self-care but it is not a perfect, or all-encompassing solution for all the issues with diet culture and weight stigma. 

How much money will this cost?

I am charging $999 for the three months. If you were paying for all the things included separately, it would be valued at $1,500

*Do I need to pay everything at once?

I understand this is not realistic for everyone so I'm happy to offer payment plans so you can pay one month at a time. If you need to set up a payment plan send me an email and we'll get you sorted. 

I have a medical condition that requires medical nutrition therapy, is this system right for that?

No, if you need medical nutrition therapy for any reason please speak to your doctor and a registered dietitian. If you've done that and are ready to add Intuitive Eating and gentle nutrition, then maybe! Let's hop on a discovery call to make sure. 

What if I need more support?

As a graduate of the 3-month Nutrition for Self-Care System you can add an extra month for just $333 

What if I just want one or two sessions instead of the full three months?

I have found that three months is a good amount of time to really work through this process and get the results you want, which is why I recommend it. But if you are looking to sign up for sessions one at a time, you absolutely can at the regular price right here. 

My question wasn't answered here

Send me an email or book a discovery call and let's talk it through!

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